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Welcome to the OpenROV Wiki. You don't have to log in to read the OpenROV wiki. You do however have to log in to edit and/or create pages or participate in the Forums.

Before making any edits, or creating new pages, please read the Wiki Editing Guidlines page, so we can keep everything nice and organized. In an effort to reduce spam, we also ask that you email info at openrov dot com to request permission, and we'll promptly add you.

NOTE: Due to the huge amount of spam and invalid user accounts being created we've shut down new user account creation. If you feel like you need a user account created please email and we'll get you setup.

What is OpenROV?

OpenROV is a
 Do It Yourself telerobotics community centered around underwater exploration and education. We have developed a low-cost telerobotic submarine that can be built with mostly off-the-shelf parts. 
The goal of OpenROV is to democratize exploration by allowing anyone to explore and study underwater environments. The 
OpenROV community is also laying the foundation for globally-connected citizen scientists to share their data and findings.
 Questions or suggestions? Feel free to email us at

To know in more depth what OpenROV is and how it is made, have a look at the Getting Started page

OpenROV Meets the OpenWATER from Gerty on Vimeo.

How to build OpenROV

Building the OpenROV doesn't require a master in robotics or engineering, but it's a fun project that can be completed in a weekend. We have laid down all the steps in an easy to follow guide.
When you are done building and have used your ROV a few times, if you feel like it, you should start contributing, either by contributing to the core system (body, electronics or code) or by building extensions (payloads) that plug in into the ROV.

Where can I get help?

If you need help following instructions or if you're stuck at some step and something has gone wrong there are several ways to get help from the OpenROV users and developer community.

First, carefully re-read and review all applicable instructions and make sure you didn't do something wrong or out of sequence. Many of these instructions involve long commands, and just one wrong character will mess the whole thing up. Additionally, You can also check the Troubleshooting page for additional information.

If you continue to have issues, ask the community for help. Your resources for help include:

  • OpenROV Wiki — for searching & contributing documentation; registration is required to contribute.
  • OpenROV IRC channel on Freenode — for immediate chat, one-on-one assistance; registration is required (see Nick Setup or you will not be able to enter).
  • OpenROV Developers IRC channel on Freenode — for immediate chat, one-on-one assistance; registration is required (see Nick Setup or you will not be able to enter).
  • OpenROV Forum — a forum dedicated to OpenROV and other related stuff; registration is required to post.

Although most community members are happy to provide advice and help, please remember most people volunteer their personal time and effort in doing so. Observing patience and courtesy goes a long way.

Meet the team!

As we are a worldwide team, we hold video conference meetings from time to time. We do this on Google+ and make them public.

  • Events - Live events around the world, video and notes on development calls, and links to more info

What ROVs are out there?

OpenROVs are being built all over the world and many people blog about it to show their progress.

Check out the list of people building their own ROV:

List of ROVs